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Naunton Park
Primary School

Sports Premium

In 2013, the Government introduced the Sports Premium: a funding for schools to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.  This funding must be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE in school and to offer wider opportunities in sport provision so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles, participate in a range of sports, have the opportunity to compete against others and reach the performance levels that they are capable of achieving.  The spending of the funding must be sustainable and have a positive impact on pupils’ outcomes.

At NPPS, we use this funding to:

  • improve outcomes for all pupils in all subjects;
  • enhance opportunities for pupils to develop their sporting skills;
  • offer further opportunities for children to participate in extra-curricular activities;
  • create opportunities for children to choose from a range of physical activities to enjoy at lunchtimes;
  • encourage resilience and team work through competitive sports;
  • encourage children to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles;
  • create a sustainable impact on the teaching and learning of PE in school;
  • create opportunities for children to choose from a range of physical activities to enjoy at lunchtimes.

We very much believe in educating our children about living a healthy lifestyle.  We encourage and provide opportunities for active and outdoor learning throughout our curriculum.  We also provide additional support for pupils’ social, emotional and mental wellbeing in addition to their physical wellbeing through: a range of interventions; PSHE lessons; extra-curricular activities; support during unstructured playtimes; and work with families to name a few.  At NPPS, we view this pastoral support as being essential to a child’s achievements, as children must be ready to learn, in the right frame of mind, before they can access learning.  Public Health England state, “Research evidence shows that education and health are closely linked. So promoting the health and wellbeing of pupils and students within schools and colleges has the potential to improve their educational outcomes and their health and wellbeing outcomes.” (The Link Between Pupil Health and Wellbeing and Attainment” published by Public Health England, November 2014).

Our Sports Premium Action Plan below explains how we have allocated and how we are/will be allocating the funding (from April 2018-April 2019).  We are continuously updating and reviewing the opportunities that we offer our pupils but formally review the action plan twice-annually.  The impact of the actions listed in our plan is currently being evaluated and will be published shortly.  Our new action plan (for April 2019-20) is currently being written based on pupils' achievements, outcomes, school priorities and pupils' needs.


This year, 92% of our Year 6 cohort can confidently swim 25m and, in this year group, 54 children have self-rescue skills.  We use Cheltenham College's swimming pool and professional coaches to provide swimming lessons to all children in Years 4-5 each academic year.  We believe that basic swimming skills and a child's confidence in water are essential to a child's development and safety.  For children who are still, by the end of Y5, not confident swimmers, we offer (on a needs basis) the opportunity for additional lessons.  In addition to swimming lessons, we offer each child in Y4-6 the opportunity to participate in our annual swimming gala as well as the district gala for more confident swimmers.