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    Published 16/05/24

    This week, our year sixes did their SATS and here's what they had to say...

    "IT'S EASY!" -Bella, yr 6 

    "Don't worry about the SATS, they're easier than you think." - Quite a few yr 6's.

    "We revise a lot, but other than that, it's fine." - More yr 6's.

    "We did one or two tests a day." - Year six.

    "We would definitely do it again if we had the chance." - Izzy, yr 6

    "We had all of the proper equipment." - Bella, yr 6. 

    "All of the yr 6 staff are very proud of them." - Mrs Walls.

    After the SATS the yr 6's had treats like sweets and extra play.


    Singning off, this is Kimiya, Zara and Isaac F.



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  • Blogging about Naunton Park!

    Published 18/04/24

    Hi, this is Kimiya and Isaac F in blogging club. We are going to talk about our new school rules and values. Our school rules are fairly simple but important. But everybody is expected to follow them. These include:

    • Ready
    • Respectful
    • Safe

    We also have values,we have added to these.

    • Pride
    • Kindness
    • Peace
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  • Open Days for 2024 entry

    Published 06/09/23

    We have three Open Days scheduled for the parents of children who will be starting their Reception year in September 2024:

    • Wednesday 18th October 2023, 2pm
    • Tuesday 21st November 2023, 2pm
    • Thursday 30th November 2023, 2pm

    Parents will hear from the headteacher about the school's values, vision and aims.  Year 6 pupils will then show parents around the school.  If you wish to attend one of the above Open Days, please email the school office to book a place: 

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  • PGL 2023

    Published 11/07/23
    Day 4   Day 3   Day 2                  
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  • World Book Day 2023

    Published 03/03/23

    The children loved visiting the Naunton Park Book Emporium on World Book Day...


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  • Young Voices 2023

    Published 03/02/23

    On Wednesday 25th January, the Naunton Park Young Voices choir made the journey to Birmingham Resorts World Arena. We were feeling a mixture of nerves, excitement and anticipation! There were lots of 'ooh's and 'ahh's as we climbed the steps and entered the arena for the first time!

    We spent the first few hours of the day rehearsing with a band, choir and composer along with over 6,000 other children from schools around the country. Then after eating our dinner and many, many toilet trips, we eagerly awaited the arrival of the audience.

    Our banner was held high and we were able to spot some parents in the distance. The show began and the next 2 and a half hours were spectacular. We were wowed by performances from Heather Small, the Beatbox Collective, Urban Strides and our favourite Anna Phoebe, a violinist who had performed with Beyoncé! 

    The children sang beautifully, danced enthusiastically and made us feel incredibly proud. They represented our school brilliantly and we all had a day to remember. It was a very long day but the children, even the youngest (year 3), didn't let the tiredness get in the way!

    Thank you to Mrs Prout, Mrs Tennant-Michael and Mrs Stloukalova for joining us on the day and thank you to the parents for the kind words, emails and photos.

    Mrs Martin and Mrs Chew



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  • PGL 2022

    Published 11/07/22

    Please take a look below for updates and photos from this term's Year 6 residential.

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  • Jubilee Celebrations

    Published 07/06/22

    We had a wonderful time celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee on the last day of Term 5. All the children and staff enjoyed a picnic lunch and we had a super playground party in the afternoon. It was terrific seeing so much red, white and blue in school on the day and really special to see the whole school celebrating together. We had maypole dancing, parachute games, bubble machines, music, chalk, skipping ropes, balls...and lots more!

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  • World Book Day 2022

    Published 03/03/22

    We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters to celebrate this year's World Book Day.

    Here's a collection of our outfits and work from the day...

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  • Year 1 Beebot Challenge

    Published 16/02/22

    Orange class worked brilliantly together in teams on these BeeBot space mats.

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  • Great Fire of London

    Published 07/01/22

    Wow! What a morning Year 2 had!

    To launch our new topic in Term 3 about the Great Fire of London, we made our very own Tudor houses. We took them outside and recreated a street scene in London. Suddenly, our houses caught fire and we watched from a safe distance as they burnt to the ground just like in September 1666!

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  • Remembrance 2021

    Published 12/11/21

    To remember, thank and show respect to our armed forces, each class created a giant poppy for their classroom.  We held these during our 2-minutes silence on 11/11/21.

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