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Naunton Park
Primary School


This week, our year sixes did their SATS and here's what they had to say...

"IT'S EASY!" -Bella, yr 6 

"Don't worry about the SATS, they're easier than you think." - Quite a few yr 6's.

"We revise a lot, but other than that, it's fine." - More yr 6's.

"We did one or two tests a day." - Year six.

"We would definitely do it again if we had the chance." - Izzy, yr 6

"We had all of the proper equipment." - Bella, yr 6. 

"All of the yr 6 staff are very proud of them." - Mrs Walls.

After the SATS the yr 6's had treats like sweets and extra play.


Singning off, this is Kimiya, Zara and Isaac F.