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Naunton Park
Primary School


At Naunton Park Primary School, children's understanding of the curriculum is continually assessed.  Teachers and teaching partners assess pupils' understanding and achievement of each learning objective during and after each lesson.  Progression of vocabulary is also continually assessed together with the extent to which children are building on prior learning and making links across the curriculum.  Teachers use these formative assessment strategies to inform curriculum planning, set individual next steps in learning (including on My Plans and EHCPs), plan effective interventions to address need and review the resources and support available to effectively deliver the curriculum.  Formative assessment strategies, which are implemented every day include (but are not limited to):

  • Live marking during a lesson;
  • Written feedback in books between lessons;
  • Verbal feedback during or after lessons;
  • Self-assessment;
  • Peer-assessment;
  • Spelling and times-tables tests (also act as summative assessment).

Another important strategy to assess pupils' understanding of the curriculum, progress from starting points and identify their next steps, is summative assessment.  At Naunton Park, we only test pupils' understanding in formal test situations when we feel it is necessary and useful to do so.  Information from these tests enables teachers to accurately assess pupils' attainment, measure progress from start points and provide statutory information to parents, school leaders, GCC and the DFE as required.  We approach 'tests' sensitively in school and ensure individual needs are catered for and supported through appropriate access arrangements in line with usual in-class support strategies.

Summative Assessments at Naunton Park follow the timetable below:

  • Term 1 - YARC (Reading fluency, accuracy, rate and comprehension)
  • Term 2 - NFER Maths and Reading for Years 2-6
  • Term 3 - n/a
  • Term 4 - NFER Maths and Reading for Year 1
  • Term 5 - n/a
  • Term 6 - NFER Maths, Reading and GPS for Years 1, 3, 4, 5

Statutory Assessments are administered as follows:

  • Reception Baselines - Term 1
  • Year 1 (& 2) Phonic Screening Check - Term 6
  • Year 2 National Curriculum tests - Term 5
  • Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check - Term 6
  • Year 6 National Curriculum tests - Term 6

Parents are informed about their child's attainment and progress as follows:

  • Mid-year report - Term 3 or 4
  • Parent Consultation - Term 3 or 4
  • End-of-year report - Term 6 (with opportunity to book a meeting with the teacher for further discussion)

The first Parent Consultation of the year (in Term 1 or 2) is used to discuss children's attitudes to learning rather than provide attainment data to parents.


Further information about how children's progress and attainment is assessed at Naunton Park Primary School can be found in the school's assessment policy (downloadable below).