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Naunton Park
Primary School


At Naunton Park Primary School we want History to fire children’s curiosity about the past in Britain and the wider world and help them to understand the diversity of human experience. History is important as it provides children with the opportunities to empathise with others, argue a point of view and reach their own conclusions - essential skills that are prised in adult life. Therefore, we aim for a high-quality history curriculum that has been carefully designed and sequenced to equip our children with a secure, coherent knowledge of British, local and world history. Curriculum content is knowledge and vocabulary rich, in a sequenced chronological order, allowing children to develop their understanding of abstract concepts as they move through school.  

We intend to inspire pupils to develop a broad historical and cultural awareness by:  

• Providing opportunities for children to develop a chronological framework by investigating the past and how it influences the present. 

 • Encouraging children to interrogate evidence and form their own opinions.  

• Enabling children to communicate their viewpoints in a variety of ways using appropriate vocabulary.  

• Exploring a range of sources of information. 

 • Fostering enjoyment, empathy and curiosity for finding out about the past. 


At Naunton Park Primary School History is taught in blocks throughout the year, so that children achieve depth in their learning, with a sole focus on NC history content. Teachers have identified the key knowledge and skills of each topic and consideration has been given to ensure progression across topics throughout each year group. Retrieval practice is at the heart of this, ensuring the prior learning is built on and meaningful connections are made. 

In blocking out the subject and using the 30 min reading sessions every morning to impart knowledge we have achieved more history being taught than if it was delivered weekly across the year.  

Please see the History overviews for how this is achieved.  

The History pieces of learning centred on a leading question which when answered provides the teachers with evidence in what has been secures. The question is answered through Non-Fiction writing in their English lessons. Work leading up to answering this question also provides further evidence of depth of learning in NC objectives.  

Incidental History also comes into our curriculum in other subject areas: 

  • Geography – terms 3 and 4. How environments have changed over time and issues with climate change over time. How people use their land and how this has changed over time.  

  • Significant people in science and developments in science over time. 

  • Significant artists in history and their contributions to the arts.  

  • Music and its historical roots over different genres.