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Naunton Park
Primary School


Music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children.  It is a vehicle for personal expression, and it can play an important part in the personal development of people.  Music reflects the culture and society we live in, and so the teaching and learning of music enables children to better understand the world they live in.  Besides being creative and enjoyable activity, music can also be highly academic and demanding subject.  It also plays an important part in helping children feel part of a community.  All children have access to music regardless of their academic ability, race, ethnicity, background or language.  SEND pupils are actively encouraged to participate fully as music is often an area of the curriculum which allows them to excel. We provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music, to develop the skills to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms, and to begin to make judgements about the quality of music.  Our children have access to a progressive curriculum that is supported by Charanga, where lessons and units build on prior knowledge and reinforce the consistent use of musical vocabulary too (including pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure).


The intent of our music is to:

  •  To enable children to sing, play instruments and perform to each other.
  •  To enable children to improvise and compose music.
  •  To enable children to learn about different musical styles, composers, performers.
  •  To enjoy sharing their skills, knowledge and experiences with each other.