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Naunton Park
Primary School

School Day & Attendance

A "typical" school day at Naunton Park runs as follows:

  • 7:45am  Kids' Club opens for breakfast and before school care
  • 8:30am  Office opens (although this may be earlier depending on staff availability)
  • 8:40am  Gates open to children (parents to remain with children)
  • 8:45am  All children can enter the classroom and access activities while supervised by their teacher or teaching partner
  • 8:55am Registration & gates close
  • Break and lunchtimes
    • 10:30am  Breaktime (note: YR children have a breaktime when convenient and appropriate for the children and on some days, Y6 have a later breaktime)
    • 11:50-12:45pm  YR, Y1, Y2 lunchtime
    • 12:45-1:40pm  Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 lunchtime
    • Extra-curricular clubs run within these times
  • 3:10pm  Gates open for parents/carers
  • 3:15pm  End of day/collection
  • 3:15pm  Kids' Club opens for after-school care
  • 3:15pm  Extra-curricular clubs start and will end at either 4pm or 4:15pm
  • 4:00pm  Office closes
  • 5:45pm  Kids' Club closes


School is open to all children from 8:45am-3:15pm, with compulsory attendance time starting at 8:55am each morning.  All children should be in school Monday-Friday from 8:55am-3:15pm with the exception of Reception children during their induction.

The school office is open for 7.5 hours per day, Monday-Friday during term time.  This equates to 37.5 hours per week during term time.  An answer phone will accept messages outside of these hours.  During school holidays, office emails will be checked periodically and "Automatic Replies" will give further information about how to contact staff during these holidays periods.  For safeguarding queries, please refer to the school's Child Protection Policy.  A DSL will always be available, even if not on site.


Reporting absence

If your child is poorly, please call the school on 01242513114 and leave a message on our answer phone.  Please do not email in as emails may not be picked up immediately.  If your child has experienced sickness or diarrhoea, they must stay off school for 48-hours.  There is currently no isolation requirement for COVID-19.

Children are marked on the register as "late" if they arrive into school after 8:55am.

For planned absences, for example medical appointments, parents must complete a form available from the school office.  Other absence requests must also be in writing using the form from the school office.  The school follow's GCC's absence procedures for children and our policy can be found here: Naunton Park Primary School - Policies