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Naunton Park
Primary School

School Uniform

We believe that school uniform is very important. It promotes equality, regardless of financial background, a sense of belonging to the school, helps identify the children when off site and promotes a sense of pride in appearance.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name. We collect a huge amount of lost property due to items not being marked. 

Children should always bring a waterproof top coat to school for outdoor playtimes in case of light rain, as they will continue to stay outside.

Uniform can now be ordered from Your School Uniform. You have the option to have your order delivered to the school or to your home (for a small charge).


  • Grey Shorts
  • Grey Trousers
  • Grey Skirt
  • Grey Pinafore Dress
  • Blue Gingham Dress/Playsuit
  • Grey socks
  • White socks


  • Black, plain trainers (no bright logos or insignia)
  • Black shoes


PE (to be worn to school on PE lesson days)

  • Navy blue Joggers/leggings
  • Navy blue shorts/cycling shorts
  • House T-Shirts (plain colour)
  • Navy Blue Sweatshirt
  • Black Trainers/Daps
  • Long hair must be tied back for all P.E. lessons, including swimming
  • Swimming costume/trunks (ideally blue or black) for Years 4-5 during swimming terms, with towel.  Swimming caps are optional and goggles can be worn by children who require them, but children must be able to put these on unaided.  Loose fitting shorts are not appropriate.


All uniform can either have the school logo or shop bought without a logo.



Earrings are discouraged and fashion jewellery should not be worn in school. This is for safety reasons, particularly when children are at play. Jewellery cannot be worn during P.E. Children with pierced ears should remove their earrings. Teachers will neither remove nor replace earrings for children. Parents who do not wish their child to remove earrings are requested to complete a form accepting responsibility for any injury caused by wearing them. Forms are available from the school office. Watches may be worn but must be removed for P.E. They are the child’s responsibility.