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Naunton Park
Primary School

School Uniform

We believe that school uniform is very important. It promotes equality, regardless of financial background, a sense of belonging to the school, helps identify the children when off site and promotes a sense of pride in appearance.

All items of clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name. We collect a huge amount of lost property due to items not being marked. 

Children should always bring a waterproof top coat to school for outdoor playtimes in case of light rain, as they will continue to stay outside.

Uniform can now be ordered from Your School Uniform. You have the option to have your order delivered to the school or to your home (for a small charge).



  • Grey trousers or shorts.
  • White shirt (polo shirts are ideal).
  • Navy school sweatshirt. Alternatively, they may wear a navy pullover.
  • Socks should be plain and dark e.g. grey or navy.


  • A grey pinafore dress, grey skirt or grey trousers.
  • A white blouse or polo shirt.
  • Navy school sweatshirt or navy school cardigan.
  • A blue and white checked dress or grey shorts may be worn in the summer.
  • Those girls wearing skirts and dresses have a choice of white/plain dark socks, or navy/grey tights.


  • Footwear should be plain black, brown or navy shoes.
  • Shoes should not have any logos, stripes or insignia on them.
  • Plain black, brown or navy robust sandals with socks may be worn in the summer (not flip-flops).
  • Boots are not suitable for school unless they are worn as children walk to school and have footwear to change into.

P.E. Kit

A change of clothes for all P.E. lessons is essential. All children will need:

  • Plain shorts (black or blue)
  • Plain T-shirt for indoor and outdoor activities. T-shirts should be in their house colours.
  • Plain sweatshirt or jumper (black or blue) in case of cold weather outside.
  • Shorts and T-shirts must be of a normal fit. Baggy leisurewear is not safe. Please refrain from sending your child to school with football shirts or clothing with large or inappropriate logos.
  • Trousers may not be worn during indoor P.E. lessons. However, in cold weather, jogging trousers may be worn for outside games.
  • Gymnastics is normally done in bare feet but plimsolls may be required for dance and other indoor activities. Children in reception will need ordinary slip-on or Velcro plimsolls for indoor and outdoor P.E. The other year groups will require training shoes or plimsolls with some grip for use on the playground and the field (when fit for use). These can be standard sports trainers. Football boots may be worn on the field in muddy conditions.

The Key Stage 2 children will also require a swimming costume and towel when they have their swimming lessons. Long hair must be tied back for all P.E. lessons, including swimming. Goggles are not considered necessary, but if your child has particularly sensitive eyes please let the class teacher know and they will be allowed to wear them.  For swimming, a named towel, swimming costume or swimming trunks are required.  Loose fitting shorts (e.g. board shorts) are not appropriate for swimming lessons.  A swimming cap can be worn if needed.

Children should have a named P.E. bag for their kit, which can be hung on their cloakroom peg. Large games holdalls are not suitable for this as they take up too much space. The old-fashioned drawstring P.E. bag or a small rucksack/duffle bag is preferred.



Children should come to school dressed in their PE kit on specific days when they have PE lessons and/or extra-curricular sports clubs.

For Term 4 2021-22, PE kit should be worn to school as follows:

  • Reception - Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Year 1 - Every Monday, Wednesday (Yellow only), Thursday (Orange only) 
  • Year 2 - Every Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Year 3 - Every Monday and Friday
  • Year 4 - Every Wednesday and Friday
  • Year 5 - Every Monday (and swimming kit on Fridays)
  • Year 6 - Every Wednesday (Windrush only), Thursday (Avon only) and Friday



Earrings are discouraged and fashion jewellery should not be worn in school. This is for safety reasons, particularly when children are at play. Jewellery cannot be worn during P.E. Children with pierced ears should remove their earrings. Teachers will neither remove nor replace earrings for children. Parents who do not wish their child to remove earrings are requested to complete a form accepting responsibility for any injury caused by wearing them. Forms are available from the school office. Watches may be worn but must be removed for P.E. They are the child’s responsibility.