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Naunton Park
Primary School

Year Four

There are lots of activities, tasks and games that children can do at home to support their learning in school.  Please click on "Additional activities" or "Online and interactive activities" to see our list of useful sites and downloadable documents.

Additionally, there are some links below with advice on overcoming anxiety around COVID-19 and also some written advice in different languages:

If not in school, we encourage children to continue learning in some way where possible.  This could be through reading, doing some art, exploring the garden, baking a cake, practising timestables...the list of possibilities is endless! 

There are also a long list of online activities and resources available for the children to access as well as "additional activities" to keep up their good work in school while at home.

For any formal remote learning, coordinated by school, for a period of school closure or lockdown, Microsoft Teams will be used to deliver recorded or live sessions.

The Government have published a list of online home learning websites and resources here.